Robert de Liefde LLM

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Tax Lawyer by training I came to realize mastering tax law in global enterprises and leading people is an art of bridging know-how to knowledge. Typically thoughts and ideas of entitlement and self-willed success hunts prevent collaboration and effective innovation. Leaders and their teams are thus taxed and over time become ineffective. Fear of change starts to rule and a degenerative spiral taxes everyone.

At the height of a senior corporate role I was chasing ideas of success. Early 2015, my body could no longer sustain that endless hunt. I had to pause. Then The Work was introduced to me. I first met Byron Katie in 2015 at her Turn Around House.

Since that time, I’ve spent about 100 days with her in workshops as participant and volunteer staff. As a candidate certified facilitator I became member of the Institute for The Work. I am practicing Inquiry as a way of living and leading my own business. Over this two years period the former “manager of suffering” transformed into a leader who knows his innocence in having believed numerous thoughts. I am actively setting straight the harm caused from being innocent to the power of thoughts.

The Work of Byron Katie work is a systematic and straight path to getting clarity of mind, gateways for action and powers to unravel complexities. The Work of Byron Katie is a powerful tool to see new possibilities and to find paths to right action. A regular practice reveals our wisdom and inner knowing. We get access to a unifying power that bridges past into a clearer future.

Having practiced The Work’s 4 questions and turn arounds with numerous people, I can genuinely report The Work is a direct entry to strategic and operational clarity, increased productivity, character-building, and solid-stress free performance. On a personal level a practice of The Work has held me serene in the face of drastic economic changes, emerging illnesses, divorce adversities, parenting challenges and relationship matters.

With The Work I engineer possibilities and re-prioritize humanness in all my affairs. Thus my experiences become those of a joyous and free man, ready to serve his fellow human beings. The Work allows us to pause in the cycle of creation. No longer do we need to re-act to feelings. We learn to respond to challenges and opportunities. Thus we become effective and attractive to co-create with.

I focus on de-taxation of functional leaders and assist anyone who wishes to practice The Work. My objective is to help you free your mind to face and respond to today’s challenges, uncertainties and opportunities. I facilitate anyone who yearns to answer an inner calling for peace of mind and harmonious action.

Your thriving business makes my heart beat faster.